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Custom branding promotional pencils for your advertising campaign is a cool way to market your business. A fashionable way to draw attention to your company, it’s right on trend with the interest in using quality hand held writing instruments. As well as being a very budget friendly product, there is a choice of eco friendly pencils made from recycled materials as well as sustainable wood. Take a look at the amazing options for branding your pencils. Digitally Printed Pencils Pantone Matched Pencils, multi-colour print combinations, full colour wrap designs, you decide!

Promotional Pencils - Back to the Future!

Why has there been an increase in the demand for hand held writing tools? Is it nostalgia, a yearning to revisit the good old days? Or is it that using a pen or pencil makes a welcome change from the everyday technology we now take for granted? Just look at the rise in the adult colouring book market. The satisfaction in creating something by hand is still with us today. A printed pencil makes an incredibly long lasting giveaway. The average pencil is said to be able to write 45,000 words! What an opportunity to get your message seen over a long period of time. Like custom branded pens, pencils are a practical everyday item that will be in constant use. As well as in the office, shops or schools, pencils are essentials for craftwork, woodworking or design.

The new range of promotional pencils combine old fashioned style with the latest printing technology and materials to make the perfect marketing product for 2018 and beyond.
Here’s a selection of some of our exciting new pencils, all suitable for full colour custom branding for your event or campaign.

Standard NE Pencil (Full Colour Wrap)

A  white wooden pencil with a 360º print area. It looks stunning with a photographic quality, digital full colour print. Just imagine your design decorating this standard pencil. This will make an unbeatable giveaway pencil for schools, clubs, events.

BIC Evolution® Digital Colour Pencil    

A stylish, 360º photo quality full colour imprint Mix & Match wood-free pencil in synthetic resin. Made with 46% recycled material, that will not splinter in the event of breaking, making it suitable for schools or clubs. Resistant HB grade lead.

Carpenter Pencil - FSC Certified

A sustainable, traditional, square sided carpenter’s pencil pen to custom brand. Made from FSC Certified Wood, it has a generous printing area for your business or product details. Comes in a choice of colours which makes it practical for the workplace.

Mini Natural Wood Pencils

Half-size natural wood pencils for overprinting.. These mini pencils are perfect as marketing merchandise for larger events, exhibitions or trade fairs. They come in a choice of bright colours including silver and gold.

Recycled CD Case Pencils

A great idea for an ethical or eco-friendly campaign. These pencils are made in England from recycled CD cases. They come in a range of lovely, bright colours to overprint with your logo or message.

Pantone Matched Pencils

If you want your corporate pencils in your own shade of colour we can pantone colour match each pencil and over print with your branding from 1000 pieces

These are just a few examples of our to quality promotional pencils  Here at Navillus we believe in offering the best writing instruments we can source for your marketing needs. Businesses, schools, clubs, or for raising environmental awareness, we guarantee top quality pens and pencils, a simple ordering process and a great service.


Just click on the link below or call us on 020 7442 2211 for a chat about what we can do for you.

Promotional Printed pencils