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Do you want your brand recognition to take off round the exhibition hall like a Prodir DS5 in the Hadron Collider?

Well then you need to produce consistent quality in materials as well as design. Otherwise your supernova selling point risks turning into a super massive black hole!

So let me tell you a story: one event astronaut to another.


Failure is not an option. So consider this ahead of launch:

Research by the BPMA in 2013 indicates the following fascinating fact:

"Two-thirds of us keep promotional products for over six months and 44 per cent keep them for over one year"

The orbit of the promotional freebie may not be interstellar (yet) but is often global as well as national: the humble pen may journey through distant offices far, far away, in the hands of like-minded clients.

The star question and answer; ‘For how long does it travel’?
‘For as long as it works!’.

Nobody keeps a pen that does not write, regardless of the branding; that would be illogical.

In cyberspace perhaps nobody can hear you scream. It may be effective in the very short term to undercut prices on manufacture and distribution, but if you truly wish to integrate promotional merchandise with a difference into your brand profile, then freebies must endure beyond the exhibition hall carpet.


Be more of a Rover than a lost Beagle.

Is your branded giveaway destined to become an abandoned piece of heavy junk, circling the exhibition hall until crashing to earth in a waste bin - never to leave and boldly go where no brand has been before?

Well it's the cheapest we could get with our logo on it’

Or a forming star?

  • Durable        Parker Pens
  • Relevant:      Touch Screen Ball Pens
  • Tactile:         Prodir Rubberised  Pens
  • Innovative    Antibacterial Pens 
  • Targeted:      Clip on Lanyard Pens

Lift off!

Especially as, in times of economic downturn and heightened environmental awareness, people are more likely to keep freebies. More so if it is a reputable name, or at least appears to the naked eye as a heavenly object, clear on quality.

Clients will wear a free shiny jacket that says ‘NASA’ even if they don’t drive a rocket to work.

It is rocket science

Or at least worthy of some serious, technical consideration, if you are to complete a successful mission. It is more profitable and considerate to maintain quality at competitive prices than it is to maintain low prices on merchandise which competes nowhere.

Employ added thrust by paying attention to:

  • Target audience
  • Practicality
  • Innovation
  • Competitively priced solutions

Apply this mission control and they’ll still be using your products long after launch.

The moral of the story?

Some branded pens remain in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.

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